Prajna is a program empowering our kids with rich knowledge. Prajna is a part of our parent organization Jeeyar Educational Trust and was established to promote moral values and to share our culture and heritage. Prajna is the ability to translate knowledge into action. Prajna makes our life a joyful voyage. Prajna is a series of classes that provides holistic personality development through Vedic education.

Prajna is conducted locally at each center or chapter. Registration for Prajna usually begins Fall (Aug-Sep) of every year and classes go on till Summer (May-June) of the following year. Centers choose how they complete the Prajna year end. Typically it ends with an annual day showcasing the learnings of the kids.

Come, let us all join this movement. A person who gets benefited in this process, can lead others too in the proper direction thus empowering the entire society at large. Children will learn to care about the environment and to serve all beings as service to GOD.

What does one learn through Prajna?

Our mission is to empower our students with commendable knowledge. Our vision is to preserve and to spread moral values and cultural heritage. We learn our rich Vedic culture and heritage and knowledge of usages, customs, and practices. We also learn meaningful prayers for different situations, public speaking, leadership skills, and management skills. We learn what it service to society means and learn to respect others and care for nature.

This learning to the kids is brought about through a well defined structure. We provide authentic overview of Vedic literature in the form of supporting textbooks and workbook activities. We teach the kids selected chapters of Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. They also learn stories of rushis, seers and acharyas. Kids do yoga and meditation. They sing bhajans, listen to stories and practice daily prayers.


Prapanna Vaisaradi:

Sarma Allakki:

Ramanujamma Mudumbai:

Central Team:

Module 1


Enriching all activities of the day,

Important festivals in the year


Interest to learn Vedic science and culture

Course Objectives:

Learn how to pronounce Sanskrit vowels and consonant sounds

Learn to chant important slokas – slokas for showing gratitude to Nature and God, removing hindrances, excelling in studies, improving memory skills, improving health etc.

Understand the importance of Festivals – Level 1

Discover the traditions and culture of Vedic Lineage – Level 1

An Introduction to Devotees – Level 1

Learn about sages and their contributions to the mankind – Level 1

Learn bhajans

Learn how to meditate

Learn to serve our community

Participate in Community Service programs

Module 2


Importance of Mother & Father

Meaningful prayers for achieving goals

Few aspects of Yoga and service


Complete Module 1

Course Objectives:

Learn Sanskrit phonetics

Learn to chant Sri Krishna Astakam, Hari Astakam, Pancha:yudha Stho:thram

Understand the importance of Festivals – Level 2

Discover the traditions and culture of Vedic Lineage – Level 2

An Introduction to Devotees; Stories – Level 2

Learn about sages and their contributions to the mankind – Level 2

Ma:thru Bhakthi

Pithru Bhakthi

Learn bhajans

Practice Meditation

Learn Indian National Anthem

Participate in Community Service programs

Module 3


Importance of guru

Friendship skills


Prayers for good memory and focus


Complete Module 2

Course Objectives:

Learn to chant Sri Lakshmi Astho:ttharam

Understand the importance and role of a Guru in our life

Acha:rya De:vo Bhava – Stories from Scriptures

Stories of disciples who were renowned by Acha:rya’s grace

Learn about real friendship

Learn bhajans

Practice Meditation

Learn Vande: Ma:tharam

Participate in Community Service programs

Module 4


Communication skills, gratitude and knowledge

A journey towards victory – Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1



Complete Module 3 OR age 8 and above

Course Objectives:

Learn to chant Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:ma

They will know the power of chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:ma

How Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:ma evolved into this world

Incidents of devotees who were protected by Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:ma

Will know the meanings of a few nama:s which get repeated

Learn the stories from Scriptures about knowledge (Jnanam)

Learn the stories from Scriptures about “Power of Speech”

They will understand how to talk (sathyam bru:ya:th priyam bru:ya:th..)

They will understand the five characteristics a word should have while we talk.


Participate in Community Service programs.

They will learn stories about how to show gratitude.

They will learn brief info about our Vedic scriptures.

Module 5


An introduction to rushis – Vedic scientists

ABCs of bliss – Bhagavad Gi:ta Chapter 2


Complete Module 4

Course Objectives:

Learn 1st Chapter of Gi:ta

Learn why Sri Krishna taught Srimad Bhagawad Gi:ta

They will understand how to approach elders when in dilemma

They will understand how the guidance of elders leads us to victory

Learn the significance of first chapter’s name.

Learn about the benefit of chanting or listening to the first chapter

Stories- Learn stories about great sages and their contributions to the world.

Avata:ra:s – Learn stories about various incarnations of God. The secret behind those astonishing forms and purpose of those incarnations.

Learn stories about worshipping parents and understand that parents are other form of God.

Introduction to Temples of India


Participate in Community Service programs

Module 6


Bird’s eye view of Vedic literature

Importance of devotion and its founders

Few chapters of Bhagavad-Gita


Complete Module 5

Module 7


Discovering a perfect human being

Comparison between Rama and Krushna



Complete Module 6

Module 8


Introduction to Upanishads

More about Incarnations


Complete Module 7

Module 9


Isavasya Upanishad

Different schools of thought

Life history of few acharyas


Complete Module 8

Module 10


A few Upanishads, mantras, and their relevance

Few chapters from Bhagavad Gi:ta


Complete Module 9

Prajna Teacher Training

Please visit this link for Prajna Teacher Training